Forklift hire suffolk

forklifts are powerful industrial machines that re used to move heavy objects across short distances. This small truck features an extension that can go up and down to reach the load and place it where it needs to be in a stack. The extension fork uses hydraulic cylinders for movement. It requires a single trained operator who is in-charge of manoeuvring within tight spaces. Different models can be powered by gasoline, diesel, propane, CNG, lead acid battery, or even fuel cells. They are often found in warehousing and manufacturing operations. Several businesses routinely rent from forklift hire suffolk companies including the following:

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Container Ports

Suffolk county is bordered by the North Sea to the east so it is no surprise that this coast makes use of its location with a container port. In fact, it is one of the largest of its kind in Europe handling tonnes of cargo every day. The containers carry products from all over the world and they need to get to their destinations immediately. Forklifts are used to organize these containers and place them where they have to be in a snap. Visitors to the port will see several of these small trucks going to and fro at all times.


Agriculture is another big business in the area. There are a lot of farms producing several crops which are then processed and packaged for delivery to various stores that will ultimately sell them to consumers. Some are delivered to other companies which may process these fresh produce into their own products. The operations can be more efficient with the help of forklifts that can move crates and barrels around very quickly. Heavy trucks can get loaded with minimal labour required as a single person can do all the lifting with the help of this machine.

Beverage Companies

Businesses that make beverages often deploy several of these forklifts as well. The cases, once filled with bottles, can be quite difficult to carry by hand. This is especially true if the containers are made of glass as is necessary for some products. Although they can be moved around manually, the possibility of human error is high. It will also be extremely slow and labour-intensive if everything had to be done manually. Forklifts reduce the need for manpower as they can carry multiple stacks in one go. There are no worries about balance and errors can be minimised as well.


Indeed, every type of business that requires a warehouse will benefit from forklifts as they make product movement a lot easier. Jobs that used to take the whole day can be completed in an hour if you have a skilled operator and a powerful machine. Any kind of cargo will be trivial to move around including large and sensitive items like home appliances. Their small size allows them to navigate around the tight spaces in warehouses without any problems. Managers can optimise every square inch of the premises as these machines will not need much to do their thing.