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For example, turning off the daemons for printing, Samba, and NFS, which may not be relevant to your web hosting needs, will reduce the number of services that run while your Getting Started To get started, drop by www.webmin.com and download the latest release. Fixed a security hole that allows remote viewing of any file on the system when Webmin is run on a Windows server. Under the System icon, within Scheduled Cron Jobs, you can administer cron jobs, create and delete cron tasks, and control user-level access to cron.

Added a feature to the Webmin Users module for automatically hiding modules not appropriate to your system. Version 1.370 (20 September 2007) Updated the Webmin Users module to allow password quality restrictions to be defined, such as minimum length and checks for dictionary words (thanks to GE Medical Created a new Partitions on Local Disks module for FreeBSD, which can handle BSD slices, partitions and disk labels. Added the Cluster Copy module, for coping files to multiple servers either on schedule or manually.

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Updated the Samba module to use the pdbedit command for editing users if Samba 3 is installed, and the smbgroupedit or net commands for editing groups. More German, Norwegian and Catalan translation updates. Thanks to Joe Cooper for sponsoring the development of these three modules.

Version 1.440 (20th October 2008) Updated many modules to use the new Webmin user interface library, for a more consistent look. Anyone using it in SSL mode must generate their own key, as the built-in one is insecure because everyone has access to it! Removed all Perl warnings from the core Webmin library, thanks to Joe Cooper. How To Start Webmin Improved support for FreeBSD 8, bringing it into sync with FreeBSD 9.

Better handling for Rsyslog tags in the config file. Webmin Manual Pdf However, it is not as fast or memory efficient as a well-developed server such as Apache. View the detailed change log. http://www.webmin.com/faq.html Click on Read Mail.

In Part 2, which starts here, we’ll look at several additional features of Webmin for server maintenance, and some techniques for its use. Webmin Url The Backup Configuration Files module can now backup the Webmin config file associated with a module, and a list of other arbitary files. Webmin will instead read the /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow file directly to authenticate users who are using the Unix Authentication password mode. After logging into Webmin, I get the error message You do not have access to any Webmin modules I'm not sure how this error happens, but if it does you can

Webmin Manual Pdf

The best solution is to install the .tar.gz version of Webmin, which asks for the OS name and version manually. More about the author Also Polish, thanks to Piotr Kozica. Www Webmin Com Added the Text Login module, which allows shell access without requiring Java be installed on the client system. Webmin Default Password Version 1.670 (13th January 2014) More German translation updates thanks to Raymond Vetter, Catalan from Jaume Badiella, Norwegian updates from Stein-Aksel Basma and Bahasa Malaysia from Nawawi Jamili, Nizam Adnan and

Version 1.510 (5th March 2010) Package updates are now fetched more efficiently from YUM and APT. Users, Mail, FTP and so on). Thanks to JPCERT for finding this bug. Webmin comes with a very simple webserver called miniserv.pl that is capable of doing all that is necessary for Webmin to run. Webmin Exploit

More Dutch updates, thanks to Gandyman. In the Webmin Users module, click on the user that you want to symchronize with Unix and set his Password option to Unix Authentication. Fixed handling of the url_rewrite_children directive in the Squid module to support all the process count options. Once you’re finished, simply click on Apply Changes from the main Apache screen and the Web server is gracefully restarted.

Added BTRFS support to the Disk and Network Filesystems module, and removed some obsolete filesystems. Webmin Tutorial Improved the File Manager and SSH/Telnet modules to be usable from browsers on OS X. Spam Assassin and Procmail If you’re using either of these tools on your server, Webmin again provides control over your spam and general mail filtering facilities with gui-based access to administration.

Added outgoing BCC mapping support to the Postfix module.

If the referer line already has some hosts listed, add apachehost to it. Adding New Modules to Webmin Aside from the default modules included with your Webmin installation, there are numerous third-party modules available to accommodate custom applications and services on Linux servers. Added the Cluster Cron Jobs and Cluster Shell Commands module for running commands on multiple servers concurrently from a single interface. How To Use Webmin Version 1.441 (26th October 2008) Fixes the left frame in the default theme under IE, and the width of the login form.

Updates to the Filemin file manager and Authentic theme. Restart inetd to make the changes take effect. If the allow= line exists, it contains a list of all addresses and networks that are allowed to connect to Webmin. Fixed several bugs that prevented bandwidth monitoring from working properly on FreeBSD and OSX.

Wikis are all about users like you taking part in the process: Get Involved! This not only allows you to see the non-standard modules that are already on your system, it also lets you: Search and install modules from CPAN.org Install a module from a