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W2000 Without Explorer Sucks!


Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here... well shoulda woulda and coulda. As to whether IE is better than other browsers, I think that’s really a question of priorities. Now I'll step off of my soapbox. Check This Out

i like explorer better than navigator for the most part. m$ *still* doesn't properly support css - if it's broke, fix it befoer you introduce new stuff that might break. As expected, Microsoft just announced something called SmartGlass at E3. as per my usual habit, i'll wait about 6 months and see what new and wonderful security holes, er, features have been introduced with this new m$ product. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/03/21/internet_explorer_how_i_will_miss_you_not/

Safari Worst Browser

What changed was malware, adware, viruses, trojans and hackers got more commonplace and sophisticated. Within months, the industry was suing. anyways, get back to me on this asap. - by homer jobs ie 5.5 and windows 3.1 (9:29am est sat jul 22 2000)what kind of rock have you been hiding under yikes!!! - by zammbit what? (1:40pm est mon jul 17 2000)to icesnake frostfyre ie supports css much better than netscape, and microsoft's support is where the css standard should be (i.e.

Taken to court over its insistence on making IE a mandatory integrated element of Windows, a seemingly self-destructive Microsoft tried to win favour with the judges by devoting vast resources to Microsoft was notified of the vulnerability a few months ago, they said.Ironically, the flaw resides in a protection added by Microsoft developers to IE 8 that's designed to prevent XSS attacks About us Who are we Contact us Advertise with us More content Under the hood Week’s headlines Top 20 stories Whitepapers Situation Publishing The Next Platform Continuous Lifecycle London M-cubed Webinars What Is Wrong With Internet Explorer Today i have some dos accounting software that ms & intuit swore up & down would not work past 12/31/1999.

not only that, but the additions that microsoft made to ie5.5 could easily be added to the open source mozilla code in order to make all pages render similarly in both Why Is Safari So Bad from here and other sites i see i am not alone. Even Mac users were forced to use the bloody thing, in return for Microsoft’s financial investment that ultimately saved Apple. https://www.nczonline.net/blog/2012/07/11/its-time-to-stop-blaming-internet-explorer/ if the msvirus like melissa got into my mailbox, i don't panic!!

But to be taken seriously, it is important to know why it sucks and not just follow the anti-IE hype. Safari Indexeddb I can understand complaining about Internet Explorer 6 and even 7. That's a lot more content shown on one screen and a significantly better use of space—the ads that used to dominate the screen in last year's dashboard are more varied and It doesn't suck as much as it used to (ok, ok, it sucks less :-), but it's more on a par with Firefox and Chome.

Why Is Safari So Bad

But then the article goes on to bemoan the fact that so many people use Internet Explorer 8 and that Internet Explorer 9 is gaining market share. i was an avid netscape user from the time the first version was released… until i got a taste of ie 4, at which point i found that it had made Safari Worst Browser give me a break!!! Safari Is The New Ie Exchange and Outlook also recognize IE’s integration into the OS by recognizing hyperlinks and allowing HTML formatting for email. 3.

Netscape is acting more and more like a whiny child lately. his comment is here upgrade to windows 95 so they can make lots of $? Additional Information Support my work on Patreon and get free stuff! It was a pleasant surprise to know that even though IE remains the most-used Web browser (as of October 2012, according to NetMarketShare), the company has realized that it has alienated Why You Shouldn't Use Internet Explorer

http://www.cafepress.com/fuck_ie"I trash IE" wear If your boss force you to use IE at work, you should definitely consider offering him an "I trash IE" tie for Christmas. »http://www.zazzle.com/internet+explorer+suck+gifts Cats Who Code it's doing far more, but is it a real problem? And if you installed Chrome Frame without their knowing, then call up support with a "my browser fucking crashed on me again" that turns out to stem from Google's crap code, http://simplecoverage.org/internet-explorer/what-s-up-with-my-internet-explorer.php i agree that microsoft should support all the current standards completely b4 moving on with other stuff… but they can do whatever they want… at least they are doing something.

Yep, the Xbox 360 is finally getting Internet Explorer, a real browser for your TV. Safari Vs Chrome From IEBlog, How IE8 Determines Document Mode:"This post describes how IE8 determines what Document Mode such as Quirks or Standards Modes to use for rendering websites. i'd rather use my time for useful tasks than waste 90% trying to install/configure something.

lets face it, they are the best - by rampage programmers to be praised… (10:23am est mon jul 17 2000)let's face it.

netscape) needs to fix a few things. - by my name here yoda's thoughts (2:16pm est mon jul 17 2000)ms is a god company but their products always have bugs. Clarification (2012-July-11): I think some people have jumped on my statement about Internet Explorer 8 and missed the larger point of the article. where do you want to go tomorrow, let me tell you. Best Browser For Mac But until someone comes out with a competitive Operating System, they are the software of choice for this nation and its economy.

Internet Explorer 8 isn't perfect, but it's a nice, stable browser. They might not necessarily work exactly the same in them all, but they should still be able to work. With Netscape, it would be no problem. navigate here just my $2.50 worth - by oididit don't micro$haft employees have any work to do? (12:26pm est mon jul 17 2000)looks like they all came here to post their quisling statements

guess what, i'm willing to bet that no one would have had to do a damn thing but install this new command.com, which ms held back until after the new year. Internet standards were not yet standards. The broadband generation is much more clued up about these things now, with most people choosing popular web browsers that are, to a greater or less extent, standards-based: Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Reply Nigel says: November 30, 2012 at 5:13 pm I haven't used IE since v5.2.3, the last version that was available for Mac…and that was a long time ago.

For me that is the main reason IE sucks: The user interface is hostile to power users and there are few if any usefull plugins to change the UI. Like this weekly column, IE can be categorised under the more accurate definition “unnecessary”. I emailed MS security team, over a year and a half ago, of this flaw. If it suggests anything at all, it’s that you’ll run the program and find nothing in it.

Of course it was acting funny: it had AOL on it. They were never that good, and now it is just embarrassing. and guess what? I've included a video of that talk below in case you haven't seen it.

In any case, it does make Java run faster. Not sucking less than, not sucking more than. PCMag Digital Group Privacy Policy Terms of Use About Contact Archives Glossary Advertise Accessibility Statement unused Digital Trends Home > Computing > Internet Explorer sucks: Microsoft reveals… Internet Explorer sucks: Need reasons?

This is funny because “spartan” actually describes something austere, empty and lacking in comfort. when it comes to security. now ms is screwing the standards and even more ie 5.xx is fat and needs security patches out of it's ying yang.. Pah!

Shit, once they finally upgrade to IE8 they'll have enough of a problem with browser engines.We instead need to find out what products companies use that require IE and either get Even though IE comes with chat, web publishing and editing, netmeeting and netshow, they don’t clutter the primary interface.