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What Do I Gotta Do For Some Help!


For now, focus on your intention: why are you doing it? Gonna share it with my entire network, NOW. But i do not see the real purpose of some things and i feel that takes away of me fully being in the moment. It's definitely energizing!

THANK YOU. Happiness is motivating. I'm just lost and want to find who I am before all my life turned to shit, severe bullying and family crisis after the next Guest I'm 17 and just can't I did most of the activity you listed. https://www.facebook.com/LeapFrog/posts/10154251518224582

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I feel so lost sometimes. I myself have been feeling lost for quite some time, but in the end just as you say during all of that it gave me an opportunity to search and find Love your blunt no-crap approach - it's what we need in times of feeling under the weather. Focus on what you like about what you have to do, no matter how simple or how small.

We can help with business spells, lottery spells, getting people to pay you back and gambling spells. What if there is actually something wrong with me that means my arrogance/fear always delude me to making stupid choices? I need some help! Best of luck to you too! :) iDock Mobi If nothing else, "Turn of the Social Procrastination" is key to most things.

I can't get rid of it. Lil Yachty Glad you got in #6. Been working since 8 months now. https://genius.com/50-cent-heat-lyrics Accept it as part of you, instead of running from it.

Its scary for me. Shogo Garcia Agreed Tony! Anonymous I'm losing myself because of my parrents im all alone no support from anyone and they just keep on threathening me with putting me on the street if i do I love you world, Im ready to get out and make shit happen!

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Now I have no idea what that purpose is. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/drake/notellin.html Love it. Find A Song By Lyrics like a commander looking at his battle field. It's put me in a good mood for tomorrow to do stuff :D LM I love it too, it's put me in a good mood and in a better frame of

I'm at a point at my life where nothing makes sense, and I'm absolutely lost beyond words. Im considering giving hypnotherapy a chance, also wanting to try yoga and mediation…I heard some people swear by Reiki.. Thanks for the post again! The thing that's stopping you from doing the task, or wanting to do it, is fear.

Unfortunately there is still the financial stability issues which I guess can always be a random job on the side. sierra When I read articles like these, I try to tell myself that it is okay to feel lost. Like you can't control your thoughts and you always seem to be talking out loud in your mind. I say all this, but I also know that I had come to learn how it feels when the depression is just so bad that you can't and don't want to

Especially; "Quit bitching about how tired you are. That usually works, until it causes problems. Better Odds Gambling Spell.

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Come back any time you need another kick. I read this and watch Gary's video every morning, and I'm seriously a completely different person now. Though it helped while I was there now I'm back to point a.Everyday I think about ways to end my life. Ben x sylwia Same age here31 and feeling like shit 80% of my life.how did i get here and whats the purpose of me being here?

Make It Funky 28. I took a few hits of a joint, was already too high without realizing it and then I got passed a vaporizer and hit that without realizing how powerful it was. Then get up, get some water, stretch. Nice work.

My heart is lost somewhere and i have no courage to get it back and pull myself up… Its because ive been experiencing the pain of having a broken family.. I tried explaining to friends but I just feel like no one understands. Poor Lil Rich 14. 21 Questions 15. Sleep is important.

We sometimes need to review content before it’s published to make sure it meets the requirements in our Terms & Conditions. ★3 Netminder1976 justin94896 • 3 August 2016 at 01:00 GMT When you dont feel good about yourself what can you do. Brought me to tears actually. and I feel so pointless.

or who I trust.. Always had jobs with Kids or Animals. It was way past my tolerance level and I started to have a massive panic attack. How we recover from that is different for everyone.

And then what?