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Or you're just trying to look cute lol :3Reply+37Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 7-10-14 bepper__andyou says: PeaceReply-4Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 5-13-14 elene says: Pls what does [-( mean tnk uReply+41Was this answer What it actually is: Shaved ice. 53 / 62 What’s Your Reaction? Your Equinox sounds like my Eldorado was. Fabolous 5 of 20 6. http://simplecoverage.org/what-does/whats-with-ati.php

Thanks for your reaction Don’t forget to share this with your friends! In the Chinese zodiac it's the symbol for a monkey! 45 / 62 What’s Your Reaction? What it actually is: An incredibly delicious taco. 16 / 62 What’s Your Reaction? silverknight the scratcher peanuts = support have a need to doodle well here you go http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/27084449/ need to play some classic pong? https://hot963.com/63511/texting-what-the-heck-do-all-of-those-symbols-mean/

What Does This Mean In Texting

Ex; today I am mowing the lawn…tomorrow clipping the hedges…Reply+36Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 3-25-14 ? Thanks for your reaction Don’t forget to share this with your friends! WUU2 What are you up to? SC Stay cool SETE Smiling Ear to Ear SK8 Skate SME1 Some One SO Significant Other SOL Sooner or later SRY Sorry STATS Your sex and age SWALK Sent/Sealed with a

WTB Want to buy (online gaming) WTF What the *freak* ? Sign up today and start improving your vocabulary! DYFM Dude, you fascinate me DYJHIW Don't you just hate it when...? Whatsapp Emoji Meaning Sign Up For Our Newsletter Select topics that interest you Sign up with facebook By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from POPSUGAR.

Good and evilReply-6Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 5-21-14 Jess says: It means "for example" you leave a comment to someone above you.example again, gem: Hey anyone wanna hang out today Jess: Sorry Emoji Meaning Of The Symbols Thanks for your reaction Don’t forget to share this with your friends! We think: Fist pump, Jersey Shore-style. http://www.popsugar.com.au/celebrity/What-Do-Emoji-Faces-Symbols-Mean-34639445 J.Cole 8 of 20 9.

QT Cutie R Are RMB Ring my Bell ROFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing ROFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off 😁 What Does This Face Mean What it actually is: A sideways traffic light (do these actually exist? What does ikr mean? AYT Are you there?

Emoji Meaning Of The Symbols

There's a Moyai statue in Japan, which is likely the reason behind this graphic being included in the emoji collection. 49 / 62 What’s Your Reaction? http://www.whatdoesthatmean.com/text-symbols-2/ about 100¥=$1.00!Reply-12Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 7-12-14 Johanna says: It's the symbol for yen the Chinese currencyReply+8Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 7-13-14 Tyler says: It means yen the Japanese currencyReply-28Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike What Does This Mean In Texting says: It just means your phone doesn't support the characterReply+48Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 8-30-13 Mike Carr says: It was really nice meeting you, keep in touch!!Reply+35Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 8-30-13 paul Emoji Meaning Snapchat What it actually is: Person raising both hands in celebration. 40 / 62 What’s Your Reaction?

DA Meaning "The" DAE Does anyone else? Thanks for your reaction Don’t forget to share this with your friends! Similar to the american sign for the dollar $Reply+34Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 4-13-15 Qyndryx says: Um no.. I only know © means copyrightReply+22Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 6-9-14 karenKaren says: It means kiss thats what i know. :)it mReply+23Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 6-12-14 Lolhunteh says: It means that the Meaning In Chat

Good grief, really!?! People will see it as Author Name with your public word lists. WITW What in the world WIU Wrap it up WK Week WKD Weekend WRT With regard to WL Whatta loser W/O Without WOMBAT Waste of money, brains and time WOW World http://simplecoverage.org/what-does/whats-the-advantage.php Meaning wife or partner SYL See you later SYS See you soon SYY Shut your yapper "T" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations T+ Think positive T4BU Thanks for being you T:)T

However, while Twitter.com has been around for all of about 2 minutes, # has been used prolifically since long before.# is most commonly "pound", "pound sign", "number sign".left of a number: Emoticon Meaning What it actually is: Pensive, remorseful and hurt — this true sadface. 62 / 62 Join the conversation Share this post Emoji Around The Web More From POPSUGAR What’s Your Reaction? What it actually is: Astonished and shocked emoji. 29 / 62 What’s Your Reaction?

The amount of exclamation marks used at the end of a sentence can be used to show almost like the volume or suprise in the sentence.

What does lmk mean? It indicates an alternate pronunciation of the letter wearing it, usually a vowel, usually circumflex, and usually French or Portuguese but never Greek, ironically.Reply-28Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 3-18-13 Aleena says: what What it actually is: Splashing sweat! 51 / 62 What’s Your Reaction? What Does ... Mean In A Sentence She is also managing editor of Webopedia.com.

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It's not fun especially if, like I was, you're still paying on it! Home Members Beta Test Tournaments Forums Search powered by Store Products Newsletter Community Support Cart Board index Change font size FAQ Register Login Information The requested topic does not And while on twitter or facebook it might mean hashtag that is not the original meaning.Reply-30Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 5-17-15 fgxhdfh says: what does this mean ;-;Reply+15Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 5-5-16 What it actually is: Pretty much what we thought — officially it means "no good". 25 / 62 What’s Your Reaction?

Like #OMGSOOOOOADORABLEReply-30Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 4-28-15 leo says: hashtag means awsomeReply-28Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 6-4-14 A Person says: Number.Reply-29Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 6-20-14 john says: number or hashtagReply-51Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike We think: A random scenic picture. We think: Woman cheering excitedly, like the way you would at a Beyonce concert. Thanks for your reaction Don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Rolling on floor laughing. It's the same as if using a $ sign for US Dollars.Reply+15Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 8-17-14 Lucky luke says: What does :") mean?Reply-16Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike 4-9-15 4:53 says: A blushing For example 3#, means a physical quantity or count of 3 of an item described or 3 lbs./pounds if no item described.since the 90's: enter key on telephone keypadsince the 60's: What it actually is: A tea cup without a handle. 30 / 62 What’s Your Reaction?

Or like Wonton soup. SOS Meaning help SOS Son of Sam SOT Short of time SOTMG Short of time, must go SOWM Someone with me SPK Speak (SMS) SRSLY Seriously SPST Same place, same time HTH Hope this helps HUB Head up butt HUYA Head up your *butt* HV Have HVH Heroic Violet Hold (online gaming) HW Homework "I" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations I2 I What does lmfao mean?

Laughing my freaking *a* off.