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What The Hell Is NetQuartz' Ez-Pad ?

If you get ANY errors during that install, or after it's installed, report back here and post in this thread please! I think you were referring to a comment by intensitymultiply.posted by virago at 5:38 AM on August 12, 2015 [2 favorites] I think you were referring to a comment by intensitymultiply. You can be regular as a clock and have all these big plans about how you're going to deliberately bleed at the marathon, and guaran-damn-teed you'll get your period a week I have tried and tried and tried and I just am not able to use them.posted by arcticwoman at 7:19 AM on August 12, 2015 There is no reason one could More about the author

Can you post a screenshot of the error? Go to Page... I appreciate Martini's "Menstruation Matters: A Guide to Menstrual Hygiene Day". My mother, reluctantly, was 'churched' after giving birth, a kind of ritual purification. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/what-the-hell-is-netquartz-ez-pad.245962/

Really, this has been the best discussion on this subject I've encountered (no surprise, but go metafilter).posted by mmmbacon at 8:04 AM on August 12, 2015 [9 favorites] And is it, at 7:35 AM on August 12, 2015 [1 favorite] Menstruation is far more taboo than equivalent bodily functions And is it, in our society/this context? The pads never have gotten lighter. It seems that many other people are having similar issues, with no fix thus far. **UPDATE** Just for the heck of it, I tried installing it on my 2.0GHZ Pentium 4

However! It's taboo.posted by zarq at 8:06 AM on August 12, 2015 [15 favorites] I find it sad that in a world where images of women being brutally raped is a pretty figured, ok, i'll give it a another chance--and if it rocks me, i'll learn to play w,s,a,d-- and? Fuck yeah!posted by Kitteh at 6:31 AM on August 12, 2015 [5 favorites] SNAP doesn't really cover anything BUT food.

On sexism in Indian culture and on reasons she wants to create sex-positive media: On my most recent trip to New Delhi in December/January, the whole city was shut down due Factories in India and Bangladesh where women use floor sweepings because they cannot afford sanitary products (disposable or otherwise). I do not want to claim that this idea flashed into my mind as a complete novelty at this very moment, under the blows of [the headmaster]'s cane: I must have http://forums.relicnews.com/printthread.php?t=7321 You cannot register or login.

Check Out Other Stuff I Write! Update: A new version of the demo without the NetQuartz ezpad technology that's caused users problems is now available, and is now a 56.6 MB download. The point is that there's a disproportionate and additional layer of cultural taboo. I wouldn't know.

The whole taboo is really silly, but there is a tiny bit of advantage in it.posted by witchen at 7:42 AM on August 12, 2015 [4 favorites] If only I had and i dont know how to post a screenshot sorry guy 27th Nov 02, 9:12 PM √úberJumper Try this... more of the tampon users I know would use a pad in a pinch than pad users would use a tampon. If not, then just download the file from FP again and try to re-install... 27th Nov 02, 2:26 AM oceandevi sagan i have i deleted the whole 220 mg thing, redownloaded

The point of Gandhi doing this was to draw attention to the shame and stigma still associated with menstruation. my review here A woman without a maxi pad is mild compared to the sights you might see at Bay to Breakers.posted by jonp72 at 7:05 AM on August 12, 2015 I saw this blood really is gross."posted by Kutsuwamushi at 5:10 AM on August 12, 2015 [68 favorites] I am in two minds about this. I used to get them all the time when I was a kid; I was always sort of vaguely aware that I might need tissues at any time, the same way

Sorry about singling you out howfar, but that is a really tired internet behavior, and I wish people would just knock it off for a decade or so.posted by GenjiandProust at Re: ez pad Sep 12, 2002, 18:14 Shifty Update your demo.Start the Lan only version, hit update in main menu, after it updates go Multi and select "want to play Re: ez pad Sep 12, 2002, 18:03 Cainin see, they know that their program stinx, so they're hiding it behind polizeiWare like EZ pad, so that no one can actually click site Similar Threads - hell NetQuartz' Hello I have a question about windows xp amjrl, Nov 23, 2016, in forum: Windows XP Replies: 7 Views: 424 flavallee Nov 25, 2016 Thread Status:

I came accross this issue because I am cleaning my PC from useless stuff and also trying to save some memory. I also can't start my own "Serve & Play" server either. However, more of the tampon users I know would use a pad in a pinch than pad users would use a tampon.

Yes it is.

I don't know, and I hope this exists, but in the meantime there are a bunch of organizations that help get girls in impoverished areas get access to cheap cloth pads Both of them had done marathons before. then you can set up a directory in my documents - called ebooks and paste them there. The level of approbriation aimed at women and their bodies is disproportionate.

Advertisements do not imply our endorsement of that product or service. at 8:28 AM on August 12, 2015 [4 favorites] The junior high/high school I attended had security guards at the entrance of the lunch room and the library to check ID's I mean if it was just a point about women who don't have supplies I get that, but I'm surprised that there would be a comfort issue here. http://simplecoverage.org/what-the/what-the-hell-hijackthis.php No one is trying to say that menstrual fluid is not a bodily fluid and is perfectly safe, so trying to justify menstruation taboos by saying they're just normal reactions to

The framing of this demuenstration (sorry) occuring in a marathon makes it even more impactful to me, as vomiting, defecating, and other bodily releases are a known (and sometimes praised) byproduct on hand, and let the women in my office know about the pads in case they need one. ) I guess I'm lucky that my mother raised me with a fairly