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Where Is Command Promt In W2K?

Cheers Murray P 23-08-2003,08:21 PM #3 Murray P Guest Re: Command Prompt in W2K Sorry hamster, too quick off the draw. REN[edit] Main article: ren (command) The REN command renames a file. Your computer should now boot into DOS at command prompt again. (C You will now have CD-ROM access (D Enter the command D:\i386\winnt.exe *Instructions edited to exclude CD copy, although you SMARTDRV[edit] Main article: SmartDrive SORT[edit] A filter to sort lines in the input data stream and send them to the output data stream. http://simplecoverage.org/where-is/where-is-add-page-command-in-winfax-pro-10.php

You either have to boot from CD or make the 4 Win2k boot disks. #3 IamDavid, Jun 19, 2001 Endymion Platinum Member Joined: Oct 9, 1999 Messages: 2,167 Likes Received: This convenient, annual online event is presented by TechGenix and MSExchange.org for the benefit of busy IT Professionals within the global Office 365 and MS Exchange communities. DR-DOS used a separate command for renaming directories, rendir. Main Sections Technology News Reviews Features Product Finder Downloads Drivers Community TechSpot Forums Today's Posts Ask a Question News & Comments Useful Resources Best of the Best Must Reads Trending Now http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/showthread.php?36915-Command-Prompt-in-W2K

Example: C:\>ping facebook.com Pinging facebook.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=34ms TTL=89 Reply from bytes=32 time=37ms TTL=89 Reply from bytes=32 time=36ms TTL=89 Reply from Outage - 3/11/2017 Cable/DSL AB/BC [TekSavvy] by TSI Duty Mgr416. Just cause not everyone has W2k at home, rather Win98 and it caused too much confusion so they set it up like the later example. MSD[edit] Main article: Microsoft Diagnostics The MSD command provides detailed technical information about the computer's hardware and software.

TechSpot is a registered trademark. Powered by vBulletin Version 4.2.2 Copyright © 2017 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. Tech Support Scammer Fake Command Prompt Fake command prompt to fool tech support scammers ...This fake command prompt can be used instead of the real windows command prompt in order to Maybe someone can improve it.

This command can be used to combine multiple files into target files. There is also no need to make the HD bootable or to install the CDROM drivers manually. External commands were too large to keep in the command processor, or were less frequently used. It worked a charm, I deleted uninstallsheild and can install stuff now.

Your computer should now boot into DOS at command prompt again. (C You will now have CD-ROM access (D Enter the command D:\i386\winnt.exe *Instructions edited to exclude CD copy, although you ASSIGN[edit] Further information: Drive letter assignment The command redirects requests for disk operations on one drive to a different drive. Easy Prompt ...Easy Prompt is the windows prompt for normal people. ... i can have a little fun with that #7 Techwhore, Jun 19, 2001 Shadow07 Golden Member Joined: Oct 3, 2000 Messages: 1,200 Likes Received: 0 He is asking about if

Ok let me see if I can explain: Ok if I type dir in a Command Prompt (I am using DIR as an example) I get; 06/12/2001 03:11p

MSSQL7 06/12/2001 The build version (e.g. 2222), is also derived from there. What you?ll want to do is set the DOS environment variable ?DIRCMD? DR-DOS 7.03 online manual MDGx MS-DOS Undocumented + Hidden Secrets There are several guides to DOS commands available that are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License: The FreeDOS Spec at

In DOS 6, these were replaced by commercial programs (CPBACKUP, MSBACKUP), which allowed files to be restored to different locations. This .reg file will make the correct registry edit for NT, W2K and XP. SYS[edit] Main article: SYS (command) A utility to make a volume bootable. This was usually done by moving TSR programs and device drivers to the upper memory.

commands the drive letter to main. Otherwise you'll need a dos emulator, try google. Join the community here. SHARE[edit] Main article: share (command) Installs support for file sharing and locking capabilities.

Free command-line disk defragmentation utility for Windows 2000? so i put the one i knew worked in it and now the same thing. Spaces and symbols such as a "/" or a "-" may be used to allow the command processor to parse the command line into filenames, file specifications, and other options.

The Application Compatibility utility (apcompat.exe) lets you run applications written for earlier Windows versions.

Jan 30, 2007 #19 Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,246 +235 Boot your computer using a Window 98 boot disk. MODE[edit] Configures system devices. The Telnet client (telnet.exe), a graphical utility in Windows NT, is a character-based tool in Win2K. This command is similar to the Unix which command, which, given an executable found in $PATH, would give a full path and name.

IBM computers had BASIC 1.1 in ROM, and IBM's versions of BASIC used code in this ROM-BASIC, which allowed for extra memory in the code area. The underlying kernel reports 5.00 or 5.50 depending on the interrupt. Using the —s switch, you can run FTP in batch mode, in which the FTP client reads all the FTP subcommands from the contents of a text file. 9. i'm looking forward to reading more of your articles in the future.

The help switch "/?" defines it as a "Reserved command name". I'm gonna try juggling some files now. 24-08-2003,12:17 PM #6 mark.p Guest Re: Command Prompt in W2K Good ol command line. Discover Nintex Workflow Cloud - the fastest, easiest way to improve the way you do business. Que Publishing.

This says to the interpreter that echoing of commands should be off during the whole execution of the batch file, thus resulting in a "tidier" output (the @ symbol declares that PAUSE[edit] Suspends processing of a batch program and displays the message 'Press any key to continue. . .', if not given other text to display. uniqs1081 Share « [XP] oops changed partition letter • Java error when windows XP boots up » reaver221join:2003-05-08Cincinnati, OH reaver221 Member 2003-Jul-11 1:02 am [W2K] empty Recycle Bin from command line This application requires the .NET 4.6 Framework.

Before the first restart the user was asked whether he/she wanted to enable EMS Memory, since use of expanded memory required a reserved 64KiB region in upper memory. Oct 21, 2005 #13 sdonn9 TS Rookie I have followed your instructions and the computer hasnt worked. Ask a Question See Latest Posts TechSpot is dedicated to computer enthusiasts and power users. It can see through SUBST and JOIN to find the actual directory.

By default all recoverable files in the working directory are restored; options are used to change this behavior. Terms Privacy Opt Out Choices Advertise Get latest updates about Open Source Projects, Conferences and News. The msiexec.exe component of Windows Installer gives you a command-line interface to the Windows 2000 Installer so that you can perform installation-related tasks such as copying files, updating the registry, and Note: It is not possible to create a hard link from a network... 206 weekly downloads Back 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next Related Searches command prompt cmd

Simply press [ENTER] if it asks.Click to expand... Run smartdrv from the floppy to make things go faster 7. (Optional) use the xcopy command to transfer the i386 folder to the HD. /E switch is for transferring subdirectories. 8. Is there a button like CTRL you can hold on Windows 98 system or is F8 that button. Anyway, put this in a .vbs file:Const RECYCLE_BIN = &Ha&Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")Set objFolder = objShell.NameSpace(RECYCLE_BIN)Set objFolderItem = objFolder.Self objFolderItem.InvokeVerbEx("Empty Recycle &Bin")Working with objects:»www.microsoft.com/techne ··· haxk.asp Good job, Norris!

Do you think i like switching back one huge PC back and forth. It will expand an abbreviated form which the command processor can recognise into its full form.