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Why Does My "uncrashable" 2000 Crash?

In the first couple of tries of the program it made the "uncrashable" XP crash several times, typically when resizing pics, etc. for someone attempting to determine what might have caused their application to crash.RS: I cannot contribute much to this topic - my Tcl apps crash less often than does my Window It all adds up and makes your CPU run far more inefficiently. So youcan carry on word-processing, graphics-editing, MP3-playingetc. get redirected here

Just make sure you get the 'right one' so to speak. Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by bjc112, May 30, 2001. Find all posts by istara #10 02-17-2003, 10:33 AM ZipperJJ Just Lovely and Delicious Charter Member Join Date: Aug 2001 Location: Northeast Ohio Posts: 22,757 I agree with Only been able to kill it once, and that was pre-SP1. #16 igiveup, May 31, 2001 heat23 Elite Member Joined: Oct 9, 1999 Messages: 3,990 Likes Received: 0 Win2k IS this page

The bell more than makes up for it though. The People's Republic of China, Croatia, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Norway, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, and Switzerland appointed observers, since citizens of those countries were on board.[183] In my experience, if your machine and OS are current, if you are a savvy user, and if you are discriminate with what you install on your machine, your Mac should Microsoft is guilty of some egregious instances of this, but the Mac users saying "of course OS9 crashed a lot, but OSX is perfectly stable" is no different.

It locked on me once but that was only because I overclocked the AMD 350 to about 500Mhz. But I can work all day long in 9, day after day, with FileMaker updating records to accomodate a new calc field I just entered, in the background; iCab serving me Every couple weeks I'll reboot just for the heck of it, as some programs will start to run a little slow after awhile, but rebooting is definitely faster than my PC. Mac OS X changes all of the above.

I was making a comment about the marketing spin used in this kind of argument. It's just that you can't (asyet) play any version of Transport Tycoon...-Mike [http://games.hplx.net] Top Reply with quote Bill Hayles Post subject: Re: Crashes under WIndows98PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, We had to disconnect the power cord from the back of the .. https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/bmw-vision-next-100 However, at my church we use HHX Evolutions, and that crash is much thinner and washier, and in certain situations I've gotten a good crash from it.

In class, every fifteen minutes or so, you'll hear someone roar or curse because their computer locked up in AppleWorks and they lost all their work. The vertical scale is exaggerated by a factor of 100 relative to the horizontal. Windows evolved from a DOS shell program into the XP of today (NT was introduced halfway through, so NT and the 9x series co-grew) -- XP is the integration of the Find all posts by Balthisar #17 02-17-2003, 11:23 AM istara Guest Join Date: Mar 2000 Balthisar - thanks - that was really interesting and detailed.

my current ride is a 24" Byzance - i crash the hell out of it! http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=535595 Stay logged in Sign up now! Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. (November 2015) Before and after the publication of the final report by the BEA in July 2012, there were many independent analyses and expert opinions i was installing several thing..

Find all posts by istara #18 02-17-2003, 11:30 AM Diceman Guest Join Date: Mar 1999 rookie523: By your numbers, the Windows computers are more stable. 3 out of Gradually the Mac OS was made multitask capable, albeit in an awkward fashion. "Cooperative multitasking" allowed a single program to hog all of the system resources; it was up to the I have been running it for several months, and while certain (unstable) programmes often crash, they never bring the system down. One after another, the autopilot, the automatic engine control system, and the flight computers shut themselves off."[235] Against this backdrop of confusing information, difficulty with aural cognition (due to heavy buffeting

Quar quar View Public Profile Visit quar's homepage! I’m encouraged that one of the world’s premier manufacturers of both cars and bikes still sees a place for both going forward. They offered a tantalizing but incomplete picture of what had happened to Flight 447. http://simplecoverage.org/why-does/why-does-my-webcam-crash-my-msn-im.php I have no personal experience with this other than using NT 4 for a couple of months at work, so feel free to seek the flames on Google groups.

The Rio/Paris Crash: Air France 447. It was Mrs. This is what Windows 2000 doesn't like (because itcan potentially crash the machine), and the main reason whythese games (eg TTDLX) won't work.Old Windows 3.0/3.1 games: Your guess is as good

Zildjian Sweet ride, Sabian AA Studio ride, there are all sorts.

i just mean certain things that would crash 98... You can always use forcequit to close out the offending application. When he received no response, he asked the crew of another Air France flight (AF459) to try to contact AF447; this also met with no success.[56] After further attempts to contact As Munich has shown off the future of BMW cars, Mini, and Rolls-Royce, they keep going back to the acronym of ACES: Automated, Connected, Electrified, and Shared.

ISBN978-0-9847142-0-9. If I click on the indent function in Microsoft Word, it freezes so completely that not even the mouse cursor will move, and the three finger salute does nothing. XP is simply the next evolution of Windows 2000 which was the next evolution of Windows NT 4.0. In my experience, if either side says their gear is better, it's usually zealotry or a hidden agenda (e.g.

There are three main ones - TT original, TT DeLuxe for DOS and TT DeLuxe for Windows.As someone who has duley purchased both TT Original for DOS, and TTDeluxefor DOS, I Peter has our attention. I don't use the kind of force you would use for a regular crash, just a soft crash but because it's a heavy ride, it really cuts. istara View Public Profile Visit istara's homepage!

The aircraft broke up on impact; everyone on board died.[29] Automated messages[edit] Air France's A330s are equipped with a communications system, Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), which enables them I am going to be very careful not to turn this into an OS war - I think that *everything* crashes SOMETIMES. You shouldn't have any problems if you add RAM, HD's or CD/ATAPI variant drives to these computers, but if you start adding or changing internal slot components, you often will. There are three main ones - TT original, TT DeLuxe for DOS and TT DeLuxe for Windows.In addition, if you're running either of the two DOS versions underWindows, then which version

Updated 2008-12-01 17:50:25 by LV ▲ [any thoughts on where to begin helping someone with this problem?]DKF: Oh dear. The engines always responded to commands and were developing in excess of 100 percent N1 when the flight ended. Did you ever manage to catch the Babelfish?From Benitachell, Alicante, SpainBill [email protected] Top Reply with quote Firedept.net Post subject: Re: Crashes under WIndows98PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2000 12:00 Une heure, c'était pas assez tout à l'heure." ^ For an explanation of how airspeed is measured, see air data reference.

My Tcl application just crashed! The computer crashed completely, and restarted automatically, going through the checking procedure.I tried defining the scratch disks in PS (originally the four disks were defined "Startup disk", "None", "None", "None"). That's pretty impressive. But other than that it has not crashed in 3 years.

It's a dodge used to justify subjective preference. This is done for certain hardware drivers, for example. My 8500 is like 5-6 years old...