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Why Does RDRAM Cost So Much Anyways?

Sarcasm aside, you are right. Espically because I want to play Unreal 2 with only 256MB of RAM, and i've decided i'll put that on hold for now. Re:Evaluate the Pentium IV design at 6 GHz. (Score:2) by Lars T. ( 470328 ) writes: Don't you mean the 1GHz P 3 ? Did you know that there are about 788,000 hits on Google for that phrase?

Which is the brute force approach? I'm pretty sure it has to do that in seperate threads anyways. A dual-channel Willamette system with PC600 memory would have no more bandwidth than a DDR system, which defeats the whole purpose of the bandwidth exercise. While certainly each thread can _prepare_ its bit plane simultaneously, it's likely that there will be some resource-contention going on there, in some way limiting what we can actually get out https://forums.techguy.org/threads/why-does-rdram-cost-so-much-anyways.428956/

If you can sell the RIMM for more than $130, the additional royalty is no problem at all, since the increased sales price (including the royalty) produces more of a profit You always seem to fall back on this point. Most large systems (at least Sun I know off) still use 100Mhz or so DIMM's but do 8-way interleaving (maybe even higher) to get their high memory bandwidths.The market seems to Can efforts be made to reduce die size?

Brad wrote into send us his "Comparison of PC1066 RDRAM vs DDR SDRAM. Really damn excited... DCDDR is 128. I'm ashamed that you even tried to suggest comparing an intelligent, rational person to a raving madman. #223 Howard, Mar 1, 2003 FishTankX Platinum Member Joined: Oct 6, 2001 Messages:

DDR is just a minor variation on the song they've learned to play so well. Bal3Wolf, Dec 28, 2005 #6 Sponsor This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. It sounds crazy enough to actually work.The L3 cache will act as the main memory. It has lower latency and the bandwidth difference between it and RDRAM can be easliy fixed by cranking up the clock and interleaving.

Please note that I'm saying "production capacity," not production. RDRAM has a bigger die penalty, but this has shrunk (no pun...) as Samsung shifted to .13-um process and 300mm wafers. New product comes out, the first producers get initial high prices, everyone else piles in and builds too much capacity and the market eventually slumps. If I were running Intel's marketing, your little brother and maybe even your mom would be asking you about Intel's great new achievements.

Intel's marketing created big problems for the company. Intel let events run the communication about the P4, rather than their own marketing explanation. If Intel had good marketing, you would already know these things. Compared to mortal ram? (Score:1) by mkoz ( 323688 ) writes: So maybe I am an idiot, but does anyone know (i.e, have figures) that relate these to the memory types

However, that benchmarking is not valid for or even terribly indicative of any comparison between DDR and future dual-channel RDRAM systems with much higher FSBs. the problem is, people have the same attitude that you do "If they were better people would be using them" and so nobody actually bothers to try them to discover than Saved them a bunch of money. Somehow it reminds me of the attitude of shysters like Jack Grubbyman and the Citi management that fed off his criminal activity.

This mostly caters to products which can afford the additional silicon and space. Then they can buy RAMBUS shares at $10 each. Either the modules usually work, or if wastage at this stage were that big a deal, I would think manufacturers would just test them in a colder, highly ventilated environment.) All By introducing some (hidden) complexity, wouldn't it be feasible to have multiple threads painting and manipulating widgets and windows?

What do we need more power for anyway? Too early to tell. The motherboard is an Intel D850MV.

That was a serious mistake because in return I get this from her: "RESEARCH, people...

Remember, though, most of the heat is not going into that heat sink/spreader; the BGA-2 design transmits most of the heat into the motherboard, so it would be prudent to give Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem? We just don't know that yet, and won't until we see Tehama with a full 400Mhz FSB in operation. I like RAMBUS.

Technical Aspects Bandwidth Bandwidth is how much data can be transmitted in a given period of time. Consider. You're probably saying, "Wouldn't it be more profitable to use your best equipment to make the item that goes for $500 and make a lot more of it?" First, if you Don't tell me it is lousy because of the performance / clock cycle ratio, because the chips clearly make up for that in their clock speed.

Nor do memory manufacturers live on Intel desktop sales alone. Being able to say that you kick your competitor's ass in benchmarking does make some difference (especially if games are some of those benchmarks). Demo: 5 GHz P4 runs cool with no fan (Score:3, Informative) by Futurepower(R) ( 558542 ) writes: No, the P4 has an architecture that was designed for the computers of the Page 9 of 11 < Prev 1 ← 6 7 8 9 10 → 11 Next > DX2Player Senior member Joined: Oct 14, 2002 Messages: 445 Likes Received: 0 Your joking

DDR-2, QDR is still in the relatively early planning stages, and their eventual emergence is not near certain. Given a bit of wizardry (obviously, we need to consider concurrency and critical sections), you could have separate images downloaded and processed by separate processors. That was a marketing push to try to counter AMD's competition, not something the engineers wanted. The same goes for display chips for differing reasons- display chips access memory VERY regularly and very often.

For our theoretical shift in paradigms, we theorize that hardware limitations are as minimal as they can be. Do those boards cost.Click to expand...