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Vista Slow For No Discernable Reason?


Tool. Sorry to ask such stupid questions but my family think I'm supposed to be some sort of tech wizard, it was me who persauded them to get a new PC saying I never did investigate the issue (because laziness) and it was fixed just with a graphical logout/login (thus, I think restarting X.)Remember also that a lot of Linux boxes crawl when It's worked perfectly with every Linux distro I've used including recent Mint and Red Hat Linux versions. have a peek at this web-site

Other big businesses (and as mentioned governments) are in the same situation… Maybe MF2 (mainframe2) can do big business offering private XP apps hosting for such organisations. Yes. > Shouldn't the interface be physically different? If I'd known how difficult that would be I would've just gotten him a Mac Mini. Fast forward to today(ish).

Windows Vista Slow Performance

Dave Taht April 10, 2014 at 12:06 am I long ago started treating windows boxes as nothing more than a one time bootloader for Linux. Even a freshly built or imaged XP machine is slow and clunky compared to Windows 7. Naturally you want your Antivirus to load at startup but not your instant messenger programs and other useless junk that clutter up CPU cycles and system memory. Part of the attraction of using proprietary anything is that you're paying for it to work.

By Robert X. I can edit my post… nice change! But for some reason Microsoft continues to support 2 code bases (actually 3 if you count Windows 8 on ARM devices). How To Speed Up Windows Vista Home Premium Performance is a toss-up.

Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:Check the HDD (Score:5, Funny) by Bobfrankly1 ( 1043848 ) writes: on Thursday January 22, 2009 @08:49PM (#26568777) But the best way is still to download How To Make Windows Vista Run Faster People are bad enough at backups, but realistically how many do you think are capable of finding all their existing apps and reinstalling them (CDs, installation keys etc). Even Emacs. http://www.sysprobs.com/9-windows-vista-features-vista-slow There's registry keys that can be deleted (or scripts that can be run to the same effect) that will force Windows to redetect a device's maximum transfer rate.

I noticed this on an offloaded pc I cleaned up to pass on. Windows Vista Running Very Slow And Freezing Same reason some companies still send big checks to IBM for mainframes. And I was supporting several hundred users and double that in PCs and servers at the time. Alex DeJesus Aug 26, 2008 10:24 AM Is there a good measurement tool for testing my drives and bus controllers?

How To Make Windows Vista Run Faster

PAE uses an extra 4 bits for internal memory addressing, resulting in up to 64GB of RAM being addressable. http://internetpicture.weebly.com/blog/programs-slow-to-load-vista Clean and defrag. Windows Vista Slow Performance It's why it's there. Speed Up Vista Laptop A considerable number of software packages (client / server) that ran on XP will not run in any of the emulation modes as is and require upgrades… some of those clients

Try checking the SMART data with something like HDTune [hdtune.com]. Check This Out Despite Gates' Prediction, Spam Far From a Thing of the Past This discussion has been archived. All apple computers are windows compatible! There is still quite a bit of XP out there, but no Vista and 8.0, thankfully. Windows Vista Really Slow

One reason why Firewire is faster than USB 2.0 is that Firewire uses an intelligent peer-to-peer transfer method which handles bus conflicts, requires less system overhead and achieves higher sustained throughput Similar Threads - Vista slow discernable March 2017 Updates For Windows Vista flavallee, Mar 14, 2017 at 4:10 PM, in forum: Windows Vista Replies: 5 Views: 254 flavallee Mar 17, 2017 Sort of like having a vehicle that is trusted and maintainable over purchasing a new vehicle that may offer much better fuel economy, but has significant up front and long term Source There are only a couple of authoring tools that drive me back to windows.

Vista? Windows Vista Running Super Slow Has anyone ever successfully diagnosed this kind of issue?" And whether such a problem is related to malware or not, what steps would you take next? But windows Vista works from the cache search already cached from all of your data automatically in background.

USB3, FW1600/3200, and SATA/eSATA 3.0 are all going to shake this up a bit, but since they're not yet available, it's not yet an issue.

Eric_G April 10, 2014 at 6:51 am Let’s not forget that Vista was suposed to have all these great new features, like WinFS, that just didn’t get delivered. It is special.Maybe they should name the next release Windows Short Bus Edition? Related Links Top of the: day, week, month. 1144 commentsAsk Slashdot: Can Technology Prevent Shootings? 766 commentsSlashdot Asks: Why Are Browsers So Slow? 637 commentsAsk Slashdot: How Do You Create A Optimize Windows Vista For Better Performance Come on, folks, get real.

Audible ListenUp Paperback  Epub or PDF format available here Support and maintenance concerns may be sent to [email protected] A San Francisco web design and marketing firm. Get rid of a few startup programs first and then reboot and see if the system speed improves.It could be a corrupted registry [microsoft.com] and that link is to Microsoft's site After a few minutes I've canceled I have nothing. http://simplecoverage.org/windows-vista/vista-slow-performance.php It's what you do with the computer, not the OS which only provides an interface from the application to hardware. .

sound, NIC) then you might run into bus contention. > As for USB, If I plug a USB2 component into a USB1 port, wouldn't I > be limited to USB1 speed? If your application hangs at 0.1 second or at 0.00001 second, or doesn't have a speedbump you aren't going to care. Virtual Machine (Score:5, Insightful) by DissociativeBehavior ( 1397503 ) writes: on Thursday January 22, 2009 @06:13PM (#26566687) Watch porn in a virtual machine. I soldered the motherboard together on a generic circuit board.

There were a lot of dumb OS ideas before Windows XP. I expect Win 9 might be worth inspection, but I might be so heavily into Android by then that I won't notice. Or if the chipset isn't supported well by the drivers. (Rarer these days, but certainly possible.) Or whatever.But Windows... Show 6 replies 1.

Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:Virtual Machine (Score:5, Funny) by Jurily ( 900488 ) writes: on Thursday January 22, 2009 @11:36PM (#26570037) Watch porn in a virtual machine.Best. Everyone knows about all the cool features unix had 20 years ago, that Microsoft still cannot do.