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What Do You (and Don't You) Like About Vista?


Select Windows Vista Basic and click OK.Assorted Interface Beautification OptionsYou can save some additional clock cycles by turning off all or some of Vista's pretty interface options, not all of which Depending on the version of Vista you are running you might not see everything in the list. It’s a thing of the past. 5– You’re ready to live life on your terms. GET INSPIRED. have a peek at these guys

I've always found the next version ultimately much improved over the previous version, even if the newer version required a slight adjustment. The interface is improved, and it is a trifle more stable than Vista, but it still doesn't excite me. Mentor SysAider 5 Re:Windows 7 - Where do you stand? IP v6 would change everything once the hardware vendors lean on it. https://www.pluralsight.com/blog/it-ops/top-10-reasons-people-hate-windows-vista

Windows Vista Failure Reasons

Even worse, the UAC grabbed full control of the computer and forced users to interact with it. A few can actually be quite useful, though they play a major role in bogging down your PC.Should you really turn off all of the following features right this minute? Just an Idea by Tobias Coughlin-Bogue Tomahawk Steak Trevor Lott Tweet I regret that I'd never visited one of our state's Native American gambling establishments until a few weeks ago. It is a law of physics; objects want to stay where they are.

I do not even regret the modern impulse toward escapism that the casinos hinge their marketing efforts on. After looking at an icon for 6 years, was it necessary to change the icon for "show desktop"??? He lives in Colorado with his wife and daughter. Windows Vista Good Or Bad Log In or Register to post comments jkohut on Oct 31, 2007 The reason Vista is so expensive is MS had to justify the cost of Software Assurance that businesses have

Windows Fax and Scan No Why anybody still faxes anything is beyond me. Windows Vista Failure Case Study Nope. Better security, improved stability, tighter driver models, better memory usage, automatic hard drive defragmenting, an I/O model that allows for lower priorities for “behind the scenes” tasks -- are all leaps I've been too lazy to install the actual released version so far but it's sitting on my desk!

Internet Explorer 9 is a bit of a pain but you can use Firefox instead. Is Windows Vista Good For Gaming Last update was at Nov. 10, 2009 05:28 PM fletchermed SysAider 4 Re:Windows 7 - Where do you stand? The "Ribbon" menus give too much information and again the icons are not intuitive enough. In fact, I think I've picked apart Vista with a more fine-toothed comb than I have on many of its predecessors.

Windows Vista Failure Case Study

Yes Can be better? and when they are, all you who sound like the hebrews after the exodus (send me back to Egypt!) will be sliding into the promise land as if unnoticed but ive Windows Vista Failure Reasons The memory and disk upgrades cost $200, but that's very little over the 5-6 year lifespan of the machine. Windows Vista Problems And Solutions until it says user name erase your current one by pressing backspace and type in windows vista home basic.

If PC World ever asks me to write an article on pointless ways to slow down Vista, I'll start with DreamScene.You can turn Windows Ultimate Extras off in the Windows Features http://simplecoverage.org/windows-vista/where-can-i-get-vista.php Will you still want to use it in 2020? Guidelines, Not Set In Stone Just to get you started, here's a few tips on what an average user might want to enable or disable. Not much else to say really. Windows Vista Home Premium Problems

But, none of them are really visible to Joe User who has to wonder what they paid extra for when their PC came loaded with Vista.9. It's not he OS for you. the ui is just fine! check my blog And that’s because you’re cut from an entirely different kind of cloth—you’ve still got stuff to do.

This means having everything you need within reach, such as restaurants, café-style dining venues, hair and nail salon, library, bank, convenience store and much, much more. 4– It’s not just work Is It Windows Vista Bad Silicon Valley The Vista PC now collects dust, waiting for the weekend I can figure out how to wipe out Vista and install XP Pro on it, and thus bring it back into Replacement PCs You sent your email from a small business – a guest house – but only mentioned “normal personal use”.

Re:Vista do you want to talk out your problems with 7?Posted by foffy400 on 12/22/2009 at 1:48 AMno.Re:Vista do you want to talk out your problems with 7?Posted by foffy400 on

For the next release, Microsoft need to look at what Ubuntu is doing right that they are not. Network issues are legion (can't open an Access db on the network, can't seem to copy files, wake up drops network, Explorer turned idiot. I needed to get it upgraded to Ultimate which is my biggest gripe about this so far. When Was Windows Vista Discontinued I do, however, regret indoor smoking, even as someone who will occasionally join my friends for one outside the bar on a boozy Saturday night.

Skip Advertisement This ad will close in 15 seconds... To some people, this feature is an unwanted annoyance that must be eliminated. I look forward to hearing from you! news It takes even less time to jump to the conclusion that Vista is too big and inefficient to load itself and run programs without making tremendous use of the swap file

IE8 is also a part of it. Whisper - if you were to ask my preference - open source if you like to play, Apple if you like to work - quickly. Chucky SysAider 6 Re:Windows 7 - Where do you stand?